artist information

Elsa Mathews
Born January 3, 1947

Elsa Lopez Mathews was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and attended schools in the near downtown area.  She attended St. Michael's Elementary School on South St. which was located in what is now Hemisphere Park.  Her highschool, Blessed Sacrament Academy is now an Alternative School and Early Childhood Development Center.  She also attended Our Lady of the Lake University.  Some of her paintings depict San Antonio downtown as it was in the past.

Elsa always enjoyed working on creative activities and tried varied arts and crafts while raising three girls.  She started painting in watercolor in 1985 and never looked back.  Elsa now works in Watercolors, Oils, and Mixed Media Acrylics.  Her work is varied in subject and ranges from figures to portraits, florals, and cityscapes.  When in Rockport she enjoys painting out doors and looks forward to more time spent at the coast.

Elsa is married to Lloyd R Mathews, a native of Massachusetts, who is an avid Fly-fisherman.  Together they've built a home and studio in South Rockport and look forward to fulltime living in this great coastal town.