artist information

Martha Berkebile

Martha Berkebile has been drawing and painting since she was a child.  The beauty of people and the earth are strong influences in her art and jewelry.  She lived and painted portraits in Goodrich, Michigan prior to moving to Chicago in 1992. In Chicago she had the opportunity to paint a reproduction of Rembrandt’s ‘Old Man with the Gold Chain’ at the Chicago Institute of Arts. She moved to Rockport in 1994 where she began teaching drawing and painting classes (as Martha Williams).  Since then, she has added mixed media sculpture and jewelry making to her repertoire.  In 2003 she married her husband Alan Berkebile. She also completed a MS in Geology to better understand the earth. 

In early 2010, Martha began Two Hearts Studio and sells her work on line at her etsy shop - She enjoys working with people to create unique treasures of portraits, jewelry and sculpture.