artist information

Frances Iles
Frances Iles is a native of the Rockport area studying 11+ years under Simon Michael, famed artist and teacher. Her first two years of college were as an art major, studying under Joseph Cain and others. Later she changed her major to education. Mr. Michael taught oils, pastels and charcoal drawings. A memorable work finished in 1960 was a joint effort with Mr. Michael and other students to create a 30 ft. wall mural which depicted scenes of the Rockport coastal area. Although that work was destroyed, it is still remembered fondly.

She is a member of the Rockport and Corpus Christi Art Centers. Her favorite subjects are PLEIN AIR PAINTINGS OF THE SOUTH TEXAS COAST. She has participated in classes at the Rockport Center for the Arts with Betty Shamel and Diane Pike. In November 2010, her work won the popular vote during the monthly member exhibit. She was awarded a scholarship for future art lessons. Her paintings are known for the bright colors used and the happy scenes that depict life in Rockport.