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Lotus McElfish
A Botanical Adventure. That’s what I decided my life would become if I were to follow my passion! Being a lifelong (self-taught) artist and a certified aromatherapist I combined my enchantment with botanicals a few years ago to become a botanical artist.

Motivated by a strong sense of environmental responsibility, this artistic adventure has taken me to creating watercolor plant portraits of the endangered and native wildflowers of Texas. The biggest challenge is not only locating their natural or protected habitat but to time your visit to capture the plant's bloom. Actually, the field trips (hiking in, clinging on ledges) and meeting/working with the botanists, landowners or park's personnel are my favorite part. (see

Documenting these plants is just one aspect, educating the public is another.  I share my adventurous journey and show appreciation for the people behind saving these plants with a public talk and media show where a percentage of the proceeds always goes to the sponsoring conservation organization. I also share my enthusiasm for this art skill though art classes in graphite pencil and watercolor.
In Texas there are many festivals- some involve wineries, olive orchards and even lavender farms!  I love celebrating this rich eco-tourism with my art as well. Who doesn't love lavender? Besides original watercolors, I have many affordable botanical prints and also decorative tiles and greeting cards.