artist information

Sally Mitchell

In my youth, I was a dancer. When the real world encroached, I became a librarian. After retiring and moving to the Texas coast, I became enthralled with the ‘dances’ of the egrets, herons, and other birds.  I began taking snapshots; soon I had developed an obsession with photographing these magical creatures.

Birds remain my favorite subject. I try tocapture their movement and graceful lines, their personalities and interactions.  But I also enjoy photographing many other subjects.  My photography is eclectic in style; I love the muted tones of a seascape on afoggy day, the vivid saturated color of an tropical flower, and the starkness of a black and white image. 

My photographs have been accepted by VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) the photograph collection of The Academy of Natural Sciences (  For the last three years, my photos have won awards in the South Texas Photo Contest. One of my photos was published in the 2010 book, Global Birding, published by National Geographic.  My work is displayed at Wind Way Gallery and the Rockport Center for the Arts, both in Rockport, Texas, as well as at the Art Center for the Islands in Port Aransas, Texas