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Tracee Murphy

Artist Bio:

Tracee Murphy’s interest in art began at a very early age and describes herself as innately a creative person.  She is a self-taught artist, additionally inspired by the classes and workshops she has attended from local and renowned artists.  She feels art is a learning process that will never end.

She primarily works with watercolor on paper, although she is discovering a variety of ways to apply watercolor onto other painting surfaces, for instance, canvas and yupo paper.  She enjoys experimenting with collage, and acrylics on paper and canvas.  Ideas for her paintings come from places she has been, places she wants to visit, a photograph, a memory, and her imagination.

She currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas with her husband and three children.

Artist Statement:

"I feel a majority of my subject matter reflects growing up and living on the Gulf Coast of Texas and at the same time I am inspired by all that God has given us and what this beautiful world has to offer.  I enjoy painting a variety of subjects.  I do not like to limit myself to certain subject matter and I prefer a style that is loose and painterly; nevertheless, I respect and find pleasure from the many ways watercolors are used.  My hope is that my work stirs up a positive response, feeling, or memory to the viewer."



Watercolor Society of South Texas

Texas Watercolor Society

South Texas Art League

Art Association of Corpus Christi

Art Center of Corpus Christi

Rockport Center for the Arts