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Blake Taveapont
Blake Taveapont was a well respected artist in the Rockport Art Community. He overcame great physical odds to continue painting wonderfully realistic scenes of Rockport-Fulton harbors and scenery. His recent show at the Art Center in August 2011 was quite popular among peers and visitors, and he continued to teach and show his work at local galleries, including Popo's and Estelle Stair Gallery.

His autobiographical essay is published below.

"I am a full blood Ute Indian, born in White Rocks, Utah. As a child growing up on the Uinta-Ouray Reservation, I was constantly drawing. It was an addiction to me even at that young age. I went into my first art gallery at the age of six. I smelled the oil and turpentine and thought, 'This is what I want to do.' I took an art class in high school but became bored with having to do what the teacher did.

Soon after that, I was involved in a car wreck that left me paralyzed as a C-5 quad with no use of my left arm and 20% use of my right. After adjusting and accepting my limitations, which took many years, I finally decided to pursue my dream and my love of art. I don't see any limitations any more except physical barriers that are inaccessible to wheel chairs. Other than that, life is exciting and fulfilling.

I moved to Rockport, Texas in 1992 and l love it. The beauty of the area, the weather, the community and the friendly people have made me decide to become a full time resident.

I began painting in 1995 at Estelle Stair Gallery, taking workshops by various local artists. I'm teaching classes at Estelle's now. Who would've thought I'd be teaching in Rockport! I have students at every level. They teach me a lot and there's always laughter and a sense of freedom in the classes. I encourage them to discover their own style and talent and above all, to have fun. It's exciting to watch them experiment and grow.

I don't know where this talent came from. All I know is I love to paint. I'll never stop learning because there is so much to do. I see colors, lights and shapes in everything. I want you to stay in the painting and let your imagination flow as my brush strokes flow on the canvas. My upbringing taught me to love nature and all that exists and to know we are all part of everything on this earth. My art expresses this spirit of unity and the joy of life."