artist information

Kimberly Delgado
Art has always been an important part of who I am. The desire to create has been with me since early childhood. Being the daughter of two biologists, nature has always played a role in my development as an artist. There is something about creating, taking a seed of an idea and building on it, developing it, making it a real object: a piece of art. There is something about sharing your ideas on an emotional level through a physical object---a manifestation of personal experience---for others to connect with or to just enjoy the beauty of it.

My paintings and photographs are mostly direct observation from my environment using my unique and personal perspective as an artist. My love of texture and color are what make my paintings special. I use complimentary color combinations that create the drastic contrast of subject and background. The thick brushy textural quality created with small brushes or a palette knife reflects the textures that occur in nature.

My current paintings and photographs are inspired by the Texas Gulf Coast where I live. The Rockport oaks that have grown bent in the strong constant wind of the gulf coast are a favorite subject. Palm trees are another windy favorite. This area has an amazingly rugged beauty. The indigenous plants and trees offer interesting textures and you have the kind of light you only get living close to the ocean. My vibrant color combinations and thick brushy application of paint give you a unique perspective of gulf coast beauty.