artist information

Teresa Cantu
I am proud and grateful to credit Estelle Stair Art Gallery as what inspired me to dive into the world of art. Working as the gallery barista at the gallery right out of high school introduced me to many inspiring artists and guided me to a new found passion; painting. I am happy to be back in Rockport for a bit to work on my artwork.

 I would describe my artwork as expressive contemporary, where ballet meets paint; a modern day pointillism except I call it "pointe-illism." I create textures in my larger paintings with using ballet technique and painting in my pointe shoes. I intermix the technique/footwork of ballet (pointe-illism) with traditional painting of a brush. I dance in my pointe shoes on unstretched canvas with paint to document the footwork/patterns and simultaneously create my paintings. I have been studying and exploring this form of art 'pointe-illism' for the past 7 yrs and have been dancing for 20+ yrs. Ballet and the history of the classic fine art are a dear passion of mine. I started dancing here in Rockport and continued dancing for CC Concert Ballet at age 11, worked wirh many international choreographers, held a number of roles in ballets such as Piquita, The Nutcracker, The Firebird, Sleeping Beauty, Gaite Parisienne, Carmen, Joplin to name a few. Dance/Ballet has always been my favorite form of expression. I wanted to explore all aspects of including documenting the movement of the footwork and patterns one can not see when watching a ballet. The exploration continues....

I  have attached a short video from my last show in Corpus Christi so you can get a visual of how my art is created.