artist information

Nancy Keller
Painting is my main artistic activity, I use oil, watercolor, pastel, colored pencils, and Ink.  I use photography in my paintings and as a design tool for metalwork, but now I consider myself a photographer as well as a painter.  I am also interested in  jewelry and am a metal smith.  All of these activities relate to one another in my art.  Nature supplies my subjects:  landscape, birds, animals, insects, plants and shells.  Rocks and Hoodoos call to me.  The other important element in my work is sculpture, especially Greek.

I received my BFA and MFA at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Studio art and minoring in Art History.
I have an AAS in Graphic Design and in Jewelry from Austin Community College, in Austin.
I taught Design for 3 years at The Laguna Gloria Art School in Austin.
I taught in the Art Department of Austin Community College for 20 years.  When I left, I was an Associate Professor of Art.
I am self employed now, making paintings, photographs and jewelry.

I’ve exhibited my paintings nationally as well as in Texas.  I’ve also exhibited my jewelry in Austin.  I won first place in “Animals" in the new Mexico Magazine Photo Contest in 2014 with a photograph titled “Raven on Pole”.
I recently had a show in Wimberley, Texas.

My website is: