artist information

Thom Evans
Thom Evans was born in West Virginia and  established his ability to create early. By the time he was nine years old, young Thom had exchanged construction paper, crayons, and watercolors for cotton duck, turpentine, oil paint, and private lessons. On his tenth birthday, Evans received a camera. From then on, when he was not in school or art classes, he roamed the neighborhood, taking pictures of everything that pleased him. His life was never the same after that. Evans had looked through the camera and isolated framed visions of the world. He had learned the art of Seeing.

After the educational tour Evans began a television career directing  live shows. He worked as a photojournalist along the East Coast to further his experience, then turned to advertising as a creative director. In the late 1970s, Evans moved to Texas and established his own photo advertising studio.

In 1985, while living in San Antonio, Evans left the commercial world of photography to give full time to paint again. In 1995 he moved to Rockport, a small artist community on Texas Gulf Coast. Painting was always a major part of his life; it was the career he loved. He was selected as the Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist in 2004.

In 2006 Evans found his artist sanctuary on the property he calls Bellaterra in the Hill County of Texas near Kerrville. For the past two years he has been developing a compound for a painting and sculpture studio.