artist information

Carol Koutnik

Born in Chicago, Carol Koutnik's maternal and paternal heritage is a marriage of central European potters and frame guilders with practicing artists, birthing in her an instinctive urge toward painting and an unquenchable thirst for refining her natural talents. She married young to a public health doctor, Alfred W. Koutnik. The couple, accompanied by their three children, lived and worked throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East. This multi-cultured life experience would inform Carol's work for years to come.

Koutnik has published both Al Baha: A Journal in Saudi Arabia and Shotgun Odyssey, both sketchbooks and visual diaries of her experiences both in the Middle East and the Great American West. Koutnik was selected as the Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist in 2005, and continues to teach classes at the Art Center, including an artist excursion to Guatemala in 2006.

Strongly influenced by her faith, Carol's art today reflects not only what she sees but what she feels – and the depth of her feeling. Through her work, she draws her viewers into a visual poetry of light, color and place. Carol now lives on the Texas Gulf Coast but continues to travel as both witness and teacher, constantly exploring anew, feeding her passion and refining her vision of the world around her.