artist information

Dalhart Windberg
b 1933
Dalhart Windberg is one of the most renowned and collected artists in the state of Texas. He began his studies under Rockport's own Simon Michael, and sold his first painting right here on the Rockport Coast.

The lavish Texas countryside that has been Dalhart Windberg’s home has served as inspiration for generations of artists before him, but few have earned the regard that the nation’s collectors have bestowed upon Windberg.

With demand for his original paintings growing too large to be satisfied, Limited Edition reproductions of Windberg’s art have been among the most cherished and collectible in the country.

Laboring long hours in his studio, Windberg has mastered a very detailed style that remarkably distinguishes his relaxing works from the typical landscapes, still life's and character studies. Influenced early in his career by the ageless art of the Dutch and Flemish masters, Windberg has painted his subjects as the masters might, paying careful attention to light, colors, value and shading.

Born in 1933, Windberg has spent many years journeying far beyond his Texas home, recording on canvas his most interesting discoveries and fondest recollections. His subjects are as varied as life itself. From the awakening aura of a Rocky Mountain snowfall to the sleepy silence of cypress woodlands, or the rustic beauty of the Texas Hill Country, the land has been reborn by his palette knife and brush.

Attention to detail has put Windberg squarely in the camp of success, with a long line of awards and tributes to his credit. In 1967 he quit teaching in order to paint full-time. By 1972, Windberg was the sole artist of the American Masters Foundation; seven years later, he was named Texas State Artist. Between 1971 and 1978, 57 images of Windberg paintings had been published and, today, with over two hundred and forty prints to his credit, he had finally retired from print publishing, but not from painting or teaching.

Dalhart Windberg and his wife Evelyn live and work in Georgetown Texas just north of Austin, where he continues to work and teach at the Windberg Art Center. He also travels to Rockport and around Texas with his son Michael, teaching outdoor and indoor workshops.