artwork information

Rites of Spring, 2000
Dimensions: 12.5' High - 20' Wide
Other Information:

Sunday, September 24, 2000 was the grand opening of Rockport Center for the Arts' Sculpture Garden.  A celebration was held to toast Kent Ullberg and Margaret Sue Rust.  Ullberg, the world's foremost sculptor of wildlife monuments, was commissioned to sculpt the first of 10 works that are to stand in the Sculpture Garden to the south of the Center.  Rust, a Rockport philanthropist, made a major contribution to make this first accomplishment possible.  Ullberg, Swedish born, makes his home on Padre Island.  He has been awarded high honors by such prestigious institutions as the New York City-based National Academy, the oldest fine arts academy in America.  World renowned naturalist Robert Tory Peterson noted "Kent's public monuments have come to symbolize an age of environmental awareness that is a stepping stone to the next millennium". 

Kent Ullberg (2000)   "I wanted this to be an ecological discovery fountain, so I have woven ecological features important to the cranes into the design of the base.  It's divided into two sides symbolizing two important biotopes:  the saltwater-tidal zone right here in our bays, and the wet-grassland at their breeding grounds in the Canadian artic, with their representative families of food-animals.  Some are well hidden, intended to be discovered, maybe after many viewings, sort of a "fun" ecology experience, especially for children.  I invite you to look and see what you can find."

Photo by Ray Owens