Upcoming Events
Carol Koutnik Book Signing
October 27, 2007 5-7 pm

Carol Koutnik, a nationally known watercolor artist and Rockport resident, will be signing copies of Al Baha Sketchbook : A Journal in Saudi Arabia during a special reception on Saturday, October 27th from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Rockport Center for the Arts. Copies of her book will be on sale with proceeds benefiting the Art Center. The book signing and reception are free to the public.
Al Baha-Sketchbook is a verbal andvisual journal of Koutnik’s 1991 visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where her husbandwas employed as a surgeon at King Fahad Hospital.  Although she is an American citizen, she mustdiscard her previous lifestyle and identity to comply with the stringent moraysthat have controlled women in Saudi Arabiafor generations.

Notcontent to limit her experiences to the freedom of the international compound, sheexplores this distant land -- its rich history, culture and lifestyle, terrainand more.  Because photographs areforbidden in the country, she is forced to memorize buildings, people andscenes and recreate them through sketches in her journal.  Her experiences are all the more real to thereader thanks to the beautiful prose and illustrations that capture theunfolding of awe, appreciation and perplexity.