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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
The City of Corpus Christi cuts funding for Arts and Culture
Concerned supporters of the Art Center of Corpus Christi suggest contacting Corpus Christi Council members and voicing your concern. Below are some possible talking points. Please take the time to call or email the council. Help save the region's art funding.

1)  The Art Center is a beautiful bldg. that represents the City well.
2) We are a downtown attraction to the city visitor's
3) By cutting our funding, the city is reducing the cultural opportunities/activities
4) The Art Center and the Art Museum are very different/serve different parts of community
5)  The Art Center serves a dual purpose----the city and the local artists
6)  All exhibits and shows are free
7) One of our goals is to become a regional education center for the arts
8)  We provide a home for local and area artists of all ages and levels
9)  Our calendars for 2009 and 2010 have already been set 
10)  Anything else you can think of

Here are City Council names and phone numbers and other contact

Joe Adame Work:  (361) 826-3100, Business Fax:  (361) 826-3103, Email
Address: or Mayor Pro Tem Bert Thompson

Council Members
Brent Chesney
Work:  (361) 993-2033
Business Fax:  (361) 887-9908
Business Address:  500 N. Water, Suite 530, 78471-5502
Email Address:

Nelda Martinez
Fax Line - (361) 883-1403

Mark Scott, Work:  (361) 985-2004
Home:  (361) 814-9220
Business Address:  5026 Holly Road, 78411
Email Address:

Kevin Kieschnick
Email Address:

John Marez

Priscilla Leal
City Cell - (361) 658-1302

Chris Adler
Work:  (361) 884-7781
Business Fax:
(361) 888-6491
Business Address:
3702 Agnes
Email Address:

Larry Elizondo, Sr.
Main Line - (361) 826-3105
1201 Leopard St. 78401