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detail of Evelyn Atkinson's watercolor, "Skimmer"
Monday, November 30th, 2009
Capt. Tommy Moore releases "The Lobstick Prince"
The Lobstick Prince is the educational true story of a very special Whooping Crane that migrates from Wood Buffalo National Park in Western Canada to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas every year. The true story begins when his father is born in 1978 and continues today. The endangered Whooping Cranes have made an outstanding comeback since there were only 15 of the magnificent birds in 1941.

Today while their numbers are up, they face adversity from habitat loss and most importantly the availability of fresh water from the Guadalupe River in Texas. The coastal ecosystems of the Texas Coastal Bend evolved with the natrual flows of the Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers, development in this single water source threatens the very existence of the ecologically important species.

The Whooping Crane is the proverbial "canary in a coal mine" for the Aransas Refuge. Its primary food is the Blue Crab. When fresh water inflows are reduced, or worse eliminated, the Blue Crabs' number decline. In the 2008-9 season just over 8 percent of the flock were lost to causes directly connected to the drought.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to organizations fighting to ensure that the Guadalupe River will continue to supply the life sustaining waters that all of the wildlife in the Aransas area need.

Special Book Signing with Author Tommy Moore and Artist Evelyn Atkinson, 4:00 pm Saturday, December 5

Silent Auction of Evelyn Atkinson's original paintings that serve to illustrate the book - continues through February 13, 2010. Auction WILL CLOSE at 6:00 pm on Saturday, February 13 during the reception for Stan Irvin and West Texas.

Flight 002_WEB
Evelyn Atkinson's "Flight."

About the Author:

Capt. Tommy Moore has been leading Whooping Crane Tours aboard the Skimmer since 2003. Seeing these birds every day and observing their behavior has given Capt. Tommy a unique insight into the life of the Lobstick family of Whooping Cranes.

About the Artist:

Evelyn Atkinson is an accomplished artist with a unique style and very kind heart. Her watercolors stir the heart by providing an inspired perspective of the birds and habitat of the Texas Coastal Bend. She is a 1998 Rockport Art Festival Poster Artist, and serves in many ways in the activities of Rockport Center for the Arts. She is known for hiding the word "Love" in every painting she creates. Atkinson's original watercolors will be auctioned starting Saturday, December 5, with proceeds benefiting the Art Center.