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Friday, January 22nd, 2010
City of Corpus Christi Open Call to Visual Artists

City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Arts and Cultural Commission

2010 Festival of the Arts



  Open call to visual artists 


  Staff Liaison to the Arts and Cultural Commission, City of Corpus Christi


  Demonstration for the 2010 Festival of the Arts.


  The total project cost is $7,569.00, which has been divided into two amounts:

$3,669 will be used for a sculptor to present and demonstrate the creation of their artwork over two days, as well as conduct a children’s workshop, during the Festival of the Arts; 

$3,900.00 will be used to acquire the final work. Funds to cover all costs associated with design, fabrication, materials, transportation and installation of the artwork (includes all artist expenses).


Application Deadline

:  All artist’s packets and/or materials pertaining to the proposal must be mailed by February 2, 2010 (postmark date); if hand-delivered, 5:00 pm February 4, 2010 (hand-stamped)   _____________________________________________________________________




The City of Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission issues an open call to artists. 

One or more artists will be selected to demonstrate their art process during the Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts on March 26 – 28, 2010.

For the demonstration, $3,669.00 will be stipulated for the artist(s) to conduct a children’s workshop on Friday, March 26, 2010, as well as discuss, design, and create a piece of art during the Festival on Saturday and Sunday, March 27 & 28, 2010. 

Audience interaction, in terms of questions and answers, will be required. 


The artist(s) will be selected under the auspices of the City of Corpus Christi Public Art

Ordinance and the Policies and Guidelines that it authorizes. Eligibility requirements for each project as established by the Visual Arts Committee are listed below.


1.  Artists will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, as demonstrated by past work, appropriateness of the proposal to the particular project, and its probability of successful completion.


2. Specifically excluded are works of art done by: students under the supervision of art instructors or done to satisfy course requirements; the design architect or members of the design architect's firm; City employees and; artists who are members of, or related to members of, the Arts and Cultural Commission 



The Visual Arts Committee of the Arts and Cultural Commission of Corpus Christi will determine selection for the project. The committee’s recommendation will then be forwarded to the Arts and Cultural Commission for approval.

The Visual Arts Committee is not obligated to select any of the work proposed. 

Selection will be based on the majority vote of the committee members.

Initial materials pertaining to the proposal must be mailed by February 2, 2010 (postmark date); if hand-delivered, 5:00 pm February 4, 2010 (hand-stamped) 


Initial materials submitted by artists need not be specific to these projects, but rather an overview of previous work. The committee will review the initial materials submitted by artists on or before February 8, 2010. 

Following the initial viewing, the artist(s) whose materials were judged appropriate for this project will advance to the next step.

Materials and number of copies to be sent in packet: 

• One (1) disk of 10 digital images. 

The committee will only view the first 10.

• (4) Sheets of accumulated images with work information that corresponds to the digital images on the disk. 

• Four copies of signed letter of interest

• Four copies of current professional résumé. 

Please include contact information of four individuals familiar with your work, including e-mails.

• Optional: Four copies of an initial design or one (1) maquette of a sculpture (chosen maquette to remain in the City’s collection).

• The Arts and Cultural Commission respectfully asks to keep materials received for an art database for future public art projects. 

Materials may be mailed or hand-delivered to:

Arts and Cultural Commission

City of Corpus Christi

1581 N. Chaparral Street

Corpus Christi, TX 



Chair, Visual Arts Committee


Arts and Cultural Commission of Corpus Christi 

Materials must be mailed by February 2, 2010 (postmark date); if hand-delivered, 5:00 pm February 4, 2010 (hand-stamped) 


The Corpus Christi Arts and Cultural Commission cannot be responsible for lost, missing, or damaged materials.