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Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Bringing Art to Life: Help Make These New Programs a Reality in 2012!

In response to ideas generated by artists, Art Center members and educators, the Art Center has set two major priorities for 2012 – initiate an Artist in Residence (AIR) program,and offer art activities for high school students. These projects have been designed to enliven Rockport, be very hands on, and celebrate original ideas through focused experiences.

Bridges need to be built for the future,and these activities require additional support. We would genuinely appreciate your contribution to one of these new projects!*

Artist in Residence Program (AIR)
An artist in residence program demonstrates an organization's commitment to the creative interaction and enrichment of an arts community.Residency programs typically include hosting an artist by providing accommodations for several weeks, and providing a stipend for out-of-pocket expenses. During this time the artist is focused on creating a body of work reflective of the environment they are visiting, or in many cases the artist will conduct workshops, talks and/or seminars, instructing and collaborating with local artists.

We envision the residency program two fold:
  1. An invitational residency for an established artist, to include criteria such as a solo exhibition with a gallery talk, or a formal workshop during or after their 2-3 week stay in Rockport. Trey Bell, Charlotte Shannon Hilton’s son, has generously donated the ‘Little House’ in Old Rockport for these residencies, in honor of her commitment to continued artistic growth. This donation went along way to making the AIR program a reality. Stipend for Established Artist: $3000 for3-week stay
  2. An invitational residency for a student artist,selected from the Rising Eyes of Texas exhibition each year in March. A separate award from the cash prizes, this residency would include a 2 week stay in Rockport in late May/early June, culminating in a solo show in the Garden Gallery during the Merit Artists show in August. Stipend for Student Artist: $1000 for 2-week stay.

Summer Art Camp for High School Students
Building on the success of ArtLink for Kids,our flagship summer exploratory art camp for elementary and middle school students, we hope to expand our summer learning opportunities to serve high school students as well. We plan to offer four one-week advanced camps that are targeted at fine arts students who have demonstrated talent and interest in visual arts.

At this time there are no direct learning options at RCA for this age group. Underwriting for High School Camp is $4,000. Computer Stations for Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Computer Assisted Design Courses Technology and its application to visual artists an ever increasing field that has been beyond our educational reach. While we have had numerous instructors available to teach courses such as PhotoShop which would greatly serve our membership, we have not had the physical infrastructure to do so.

By building a mobile computer lab, we could introduce classes in digital photo editing, film production, website design, graphic design and architectural drafting as well as provide a service for artists who cannot afford such software themselves. Underwriting for Computer Stations is $2,000 per station, laptop & software;with a goal of 5 to 10 stations funded.

-Beverly Trifonidis, Executive Director