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Monday, October 17th, 2011
RCA Remembers Mary Lucille Jackson
Mary Lucille Jackson became RCA's Art Director in 1998, and then became the Executive Director. As an integral part of the energy and excitement of its growth, she loved the beautiful atmosphere at the Art Center on the bay at the former waterfront home of the Bruhl and O’Connor families. She was amazed and inspired by the depth of creativity and the kindness and camaraderie of the staff, board members, artists and volunteers in her community. One of her most notable accomplishments was the formation of the Sculpture Garden at the Art Center and her involvement in the installation of Rockport’s first public art sculpture.

Mary Lucille carried herself with poise and grace. She had an exquisite taste for design, art and fashion, and always dressed with style. Mary Lucille strove for excellence, a characteristic she attributed to her mother – and her dedication, work ethic and passion for community service she attributed to her father and three brothers. She took pleasure in entertaining friends and family in her home, and she treasured her experiences traveling throughout Europe and Russia, and living abroad in England.

Jackson's contributions to the enduring progress of the Art Center will be long remembered. A senior member artist commented, "Mary Lucille set the Art Center on its present professional path.  She changed it from a collection of amateur hobby artists into a functioning institution whose first priority was to serve the community and to elevate the standard of the arts in Rockport.  She was tireless in these objectives!"

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