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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
Sixth Annual Film Festival Celebrates Independent Cinema

(ROCKPORT, TX)  International in scope, but local in flavor! 

The 6th Annual Rockport Film Festival is celebrating the growing power of cinema on the Texas Coast and some of the best independent filmmaking from Texas and around the world.  The three day festival, endorsed by the Texas Film Commission, features award-winning short films, longer features, animations, documentaries, and student films.

“Film festivals are a perfect venue to sample a diverse collection of films you won’t see elsewhere, and brings together
the surrounding arts and film community,” says John
Aäsp, Film Festival Managing Director.  “The festival audience is
growing, and enthusiasm among the community continues to rise each year.”

This year, more than 200 entries were submitted from around the world – Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Lebanon,
United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Italy, South Africa, and the United States –
a growing majority of Texas artists and directors. Over 40 independent films will screen at this year’s festival.

Films were independently produced - meaning outside the Hollywood system.  Independent filmmaking is a diverse network of creativity, diversity, and freedom that sets it apart from big budget blockbusters and everyday television programming.  


2012 feature films include:

HEADLINER! Man on a Mission

(images and video on website; trailer on

Produced by Brady Dial, Austin resident whose mother lives in Rockport

A documentary literally out of this world!  Growing up wanting to go in to space and firmly ensconced in the geeky pantheon of wealthy computer legends since high school,who designed some of the first interactive video games Richard Garriott can afford to pursue his dreams - even the wildly improbable ones. For instance, following in his astronaut father's (Owen Garriott) footsteps.  NASA won't take you because of bad eyes?  No problem!  Pioneer your own private space industry and buy a $30 million seat on a Russian Soyuz where you spend several days in space doing scientific experiments, art shows, and human observation.  Richly funny and invigorating, Man on a Mission tags along with Richard on his years-long quest of training and preparation to be the first second-generation astronaut into space. And maybe come back.  Man on a Mission won the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference & Festival Audience Award Winner!  Dial produced another film screened by RFF in2009: Ride Around the World about the global history of cowboy culture.


Sironia (images, video, and reviews on website; trailer on

Directed by Brandon Dickerson; Written by Thomas Ward, Brandon Dickerson, and Wes Cunningham; Produced by Laura Smith, Lauren Schwartz, and Steven Sills

Texas-made film about a musician who moves from LA to Central Texas after his music career flat lines.  Inspired by the music of singer-songwriter Wes Cunningham, Sironia is the story of a talented musician who has been chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood music machine. Frustrated by his broken career, Thomas Fisher and his wife Molly impulsively pack up and move to small town Sironia, Texas to live a more authentic life and raise their first child near Molly’s brother and his family. Despite the change of scenery, Thomas’ deep resentment over his lost dreams gets the best of him as he struggles to find peace with his stalled career, until he remembers what he loved about music – and Molly – in the first place.  The music of Wes Cunningham is featured in the film as well.


Return to Honor – no website; trailer on (trailer on

Directed by Michael Cloud

Return To Honor explores the life, trials and triumphs of the soldier who returns from the battlefield wounded and the efforts of a community who seeks to honor them. Follow 300 wounded soldiers from across the country as they travel to South Texas to participate in a day of fishing. What the soldiers don't expect is the overwhelming welcome they receive from the communities intent to honor them as heroes.  Riding along with the soldiers,we hear candid discussion on the battles they face as they fight their new battle of returning to 'normal' life.  Through their journey, we gain a greater understanding into the post-deployment life of a wounded veteran and see how a community united can plant the seeds for healing.


GLOW: The Story of The Glorious Ladies of Wrestling (background on website; trailer on

Written and Directed By Brett Whitcomb & Bradford Thomason; Produced by Jason Connell

The year is 1986 and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) is about to burst onto thescene as the first ever all-female wrestling show on television.  Like its then sole competitor/frequent imitator, the World Wrestling Federation, GLOW was a primetime wrestling series, complete with elaborate characters, costumes, skits, personalized raps,and, of course, wrestling.  

Week after week, women like Mountain Fiji, the Samoan giant with a heart of gold, and Matilda the Hun, the evil German with a taste for raw meat, battled it out for the GLOW crown.  By 1989, the GLOW girls were an international phenomenon, attracting over seven million viewers worldwide, touring the nation, and making big bank for the show's producers.  One year later, GLOW was gone. 

The documentary, GLOW: The Story of The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, chronicles the rise and fall of this once successful television show through the storiesof those who lived it.  From the initial open-call auditions, to the grueling training with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, to over-night success and global recognition, to the show's sudden and unexpected cancellation in 1990, the GLOW girls recall their time on the show with a mixture of heartfelt nostalgia and tearful regret over injuries and the loss of friends. For some, the show was a brief foray into acting and a short-lived adventure on the way to a normal life.  For others, that time in GLOW would impact and influence their lives for years to follow.  For all of the women, working on GLOW was a unique and exciting experience that will bond them forever.  The filmmakers brought "The Rock-Afire Explosion" to the Rockport Film Festival in 2010.


Reconvergence- (background and images on web site: trailer on

Directed by Edward Tyndall, Corpus Christi residentand Director of South Texas Cinematheque; He also teaches at Texas A&M –Corpus Christi; Produced by Patrick Weaver

What happens when a neuroscientist, naturalist,poet, and historian walk in to a documentary about being alive in the 21stcentury? This feature length documentary aims to find out. At the core of humankind’s ethos is an ongoing struggle to come to terms with the impermanence of self.  Reconvergence offers an intriguing exploration or mortality, consciousness and identity in the modern age from the perspectives of four distinct characters: a naturalist, a neuroscientist, a poet, and a historian. The combination of their separate journeys creates a rich tapestry that weaves together several complex facets of the existential dilemma.


About the Rockport FIlm Festival

The Rockport Film Festival offers an affordable retreat where arts meet environment, where filmmakers,professionals and enthusiast can network and relax, and enjoy films that are rarely seen elsewhere without having to wait in long lines or navigate multiple theater venues.  The festival holds outdoor screenings, parties and plays host to filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals all in the relaxing environment of Rockport, named a Top10 Coastal Art Community by Coastal Living Magazine

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