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Illustration by Leigh A. Klug
Hamilton Troll
Friday, January 11th, 2013
Bryant Co Illustrates the Hamilton Troll Series

Local Artist Adds Flair to New Children’s Book Series

Carol W. Bryant, member of the Rockport Art Association as well as Canyon Lake and New Braunfels Art Leagues raises her paint brush to set beautiful scenes in the all new Hamilton Troll Adventures. Hamilton is an adorable young troll who just wants to learn and make friends and through the eye-catching illustrations and bouncy rhyming story he successfully does just that. These stories, by author Kathleen J. Shields, are entertaining as well as educational. The character illustrations by Leigh A. Klug are appealing to young readers, yet its Bryant’s watercolor artwork that really adds depth to these books.

“I was honored when I was tasked to do this job, then I began to wonder how I was going to do it.” Carol has dabbled in various mediums, from oil, acrylic, pastel, ink & gouache along with encaustic and clay, but it didn’t take long for her to decide on watercolor for these books.

“I love watercolor. It is easy to work with, incredibly versatile and when used on Yupo plastic paper, amazingly adaptable. Instead of feathering on the edges and thinning in the middle, the paint stays thick and shows the brush strokes and texture. It really accentuates the details.” Carol is also partial to plastic because of its unique non-absorbent advantage, making the colors sit on top of the paper.

This allows artists to completely remove sections of a painting. “It’s great. After we’ve used a grassy field, I can wipe away a line of grass, paint in a pathway and even add new flowers or a bush. This makes scene creation ultra easy.”

Even though Bryant is highly active in the community, with family and friends, working on various other art projects and teaching her art classes, she is finding the time to illustrate these children’s books. “It is so much fun. The stories are entertaining and educational and I especially love the characters. Plus Leigh and Kathleen are very easy to work with. We are already working on the fourth book.”

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