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Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
St. Charles Art Gallery Closes its Doors
Donna Sites, owner and operator of St. Charles Gallery since its opening in 1999, sold her building and closed the Gallery in June 2014. The Gallery hosted fantastic artists and was a centerpiece of the downtown art community. We will miss the St. Charles Gallery!

A message from Donna:

"Since opening St. Charles Art Gallery in September 1999, I have exceeded all expectations of what my small dream could become. I have had the rare oportunity to hold in my hands and be surrounded by some of the most wonderful artwork by truly talented artists who also became my dearest friends. I have been delighted by each person visiting my gallery who could share and appreciate the extraordinary accomplishments of these artists. As my journey returns me to the life of a full time artist (and occasional gardener), I can barely express the endless gratitude to everyone who shared in the passion I had for the art and artists who were St. Charles Art Gallery. Thank you."

Donna Sites