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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
Michael Frary included in "Austin Art Seen - Circa 1961" at AMOA-Laguna Gloria
Austin Art Seen, circa 1961 reexamines the Modernist movement in Texas art, the art form that gained popularity during the time AMOA-Laguna Gloria (formerly Laguna Gloria Art Museum) was chartered. Modernism was slow to develop in Texas, which was firmly tied to a naturalistic painting style rooted in regionalism for the first half of the century. However, several of the seventeen local artists included in this exhibition brought Texas Modernism to national attention in the latter half of the century. Each of these featured artists exhibited widely during their careers, many times at Laguna Gloria, and all had connections with the growing art department of The University of Texas. Created roughly between 1946 and 1969, many of the works included in this exhibition were first exhibited at Laguna Gloria. Although these works look surprisingly fresh today, when first seen, these bold abstractions, full of intense color and expression, effectively challenged ideas of regional art as they experimented with new forms and ideas to portray the world around them.

Michael Frary, whose work and influence made him a seminal figure in the Rockport Art Community, is included in the exhibition.

During a career spanning almost seventy years, Michael Frary influenced the course of art, not only in Texas, but in the United States as well.  He was a seminal figure in the art movement known as “modernism” and with his contemporaries on the faculty of the Art Department at the University of Texas, changed the face of art on a national scale. His artwork and love for the state, in which he lived for more than half a century, resulted in the publication of three books.  Through his writing and watercolors, these books vividly convey the breadth and scope of the land that provided his inspiration.  Widely celebrated as a Texas Modernist, his influence has also shaped the lives and careers of the countless thousands of students whom he taught both in the classroom and in on-site workshops.

During his career, he received more than 175 awards and was featured in over 200 solo exhibitions. His works are housed in private and public collections worldwide, including the National Museum of Art and Smithsonian Institute.

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