Classes & Workshops
June 17 - 27 OR July 22 - Aug 1, (No Classes on Fridays)
Childrens Program
2013 Summer ArtLink for Kids and Teens
Exploring Surrealism and Dreams, Four session options available
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Download or pick up a copy of the registration form beginning May 1.
Free for children who attend school in Aransas County.
$60 per week ($120 for both weeks) for out of county students.
$60.00 per week for children who attend school elsewhere. ($120 for full two-week camp)
Students may sign-up for one session only please.
Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Session 1:  June 17-27, 9:30 am - Noon

Session 2:  June 17-27, 1:30 - 4 pm

Session 3:  July 22 - Aug 1, 9:30 am - Noon

Session 4:  July 22 - Aug 1, 1:30 - 4 pm

A Big THANK YOU to our long time supporters:

Coastal Bend Community Foundation

The Margaret Sue Rust Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

Texas Commission on the Arts

What is ArtLink?…

When the program began…

In 1998 the Rockport Center for the Arts renewed its dedication to increase the scope and stature of its art education program by embarking on an endeavor to create an affordable summer art education program which would reach out to children and encourage multicultural arts expression, awareness and interaction. 

This first summer the camp reached 120 youth.  The goals of this program today, as they were then, are to teach children to:
  • Be sensitive to the art around them
  • Recognize the basic elements, principles and vocabulary of art
  • Challenge their imagination through reflective thinking
  • Develop and organize their ideas
  • Creatively express their thoughts and ideas through performance
  • Develop disciplined effort and problem-solving skills
  • Produce works of art using a variety of art materials and tools
  • Produce works of art using both traditional and innovative techniques
  • Make informed judgments about personal artworks and those of others


Long Range Impact:

Since its inception, the popularity of the program has grown and the camp duration has been extended to accommodate more and more students each year. 

In 2012, the camp served 365 youth over the course of four two-week camps spanning June and July. 

A large percentage of our annual enrollment is comprised of returning children who have attended ArtLink in prior years. 

Each spring they anxiously await the return of camp days and it is not unusual to have parents calling to register their children as early as Christmas break. 

To maximize our long range impact on learning, we change our camp theme each year to provide a broad eight-year curriculum for each age group which further augments their educational and creative experiences. 

Our previous themes include:
2013:  Exploring Surrealism & Dreams

2012:  Exploring Pop Art

2011:  Exploring Art of the Everyday

2010:  Exploring Art of the United States

2009:  Exploring“Green Art”

2008:  Exploring Masters & Masterworks of Art History

2007:  Exploring Marine Life

2006:  Exploring Asian Cultures


2013 Objectives: 

To encourage creative thinking and focused observation

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive and hands-on art experience for the youth of Aransas County. 

It includes an exploration of the process and history of visual arts, and each summer’s lessons are focused around a central theme.  This summer we will be exploring “Surrealism and Dreams.” 

Throughout the camp, children will be challenged to observe and study surrealist works of art. 

Then, using representative artists and artworks as points of inspiration, students will proceed to create their own original works that reflect their own dreams and wildest imaginations.

Students will be required to exercise focused observation and evaluation of their own visualizations. 

These self selected subjects, feelings, ideas will serve as the elements that motivate their works of art.  In the active creating process, students will employ a variety of media to create both 2-Dand 3-D works that make use of the principals of art: color, shape, texture,balance, repetition and proportion as they work to illustrate their surrealist ideas and dreams. 


In 2013 we hopeto:

  1. continue to provide access to all interested children and youth by keeping the day-camp cost FREE to residents of Aransas County
  2. reach360-380 students while maintaining low student to teacher ratios
  3. continue to deliver quality instruction by involving professional artists, dynamic and talented classroom instructors, assistants, interns and volunteers
  4. expose our youth to the vast amount of art surrounding them, and make a connection between visual depictions and the values they capture or evoke in viewers of those images
As with every ArtLink summer program, the curriculum is designed to engage camp participants in age appropriate lessons employing a variety of media, creating an exploratory atmosphere that involves a focus on both two and three dimensional work and sets the stage for student interest, interaction,learning, success and – as always – a little fun too!

We are very excited to host our 16th year of camp and anticipate another great success, and with your support we look forward to continuing to bring art education and enrichment opportunities to more and more children of Aransas County for decades to come!

Seating is Limited. Please email Karen at or call to register today! (361) 729-5519